Friday, 21 November 2014

Fourth day

We went on a trip by bus to Sanabria and there we visited a place where they explained us a lot of important things in Zamora, then we went on a beatiful lake then we had lunch in a bar. More late we went on a town with a river.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Third day


Today we got up at eight o'clock again. We had breakfast and when we finished, we went on a trip to to the Arribes del Duero. We went by bus because it was pretty far from Villardeciervos. When we got there it was raining so most of us got wet. We arrived to a place where we could observe all the lanscape of the zone. We only did one stop during the trip because of the rain, in the stop we talked about the fauna in Arribes del Duero.
Then we walked along the river so we could hear and see it really good.
After that, we went to a bar to have lunch because we were hungry. After having lunch we went to an other village where we were tought how to make figures with mud, we went to a pottery shop. After that we got on the bus again and we went back to Villardeciervos.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Second day


Today we got up at eight o'clock. For breakfast we had milk with cereals and toasts. Then we put on our jackets and we went for a walk. We went to "la Peña del Castro". During the walk we stopped a few times to talk about the environement of the place. We talked about the vegetation (chestnut trees, holm oak, lichen ...),

 about the rocks (cneis wich is the main rock in the zone)

and also about the fauna (deer, wolfs ...).

At the top we had seen very spectacular sights.

When we finished the trip we had a few minutes of free time, we played football, we played cards, ping-pong and other games.

Then we had lunch. We had eaten lentils and chicken with potatoes. After lunch we had another break and later we started the afternoon activities. We did an activity with a GPS following different clues, and the other activity we made it's making an aloe vera cream.


First day

All the participants of the project we went at the high school at eight o'clock in the morning to take a bus to the airport, then we take a plane to Valladolid at twenty to twelve. We arrive at Valladolid at half past one, we have lunch at a small town called Medina de Rioseco and then we go to the CEAM, we arrived at Villardeciervos at four o'clock, and in the evening we went to discover a little of information about the town, and then we compare the answers. At the night we played a game of mimic, about the words that we learn in the town. I think that it was a very exciting and large day, and all of ours we're very tired